Bootstrap 5.3 - Nav Tabs Underline

Hey there,

This is a really minor request but I’ve noticed that Bootstrap 5.3 has the option for navtabs with underlines (see here: Navs and tabs · Bootstrap v5.3). The component within the current version of BSS only allows displaying the nav type as Tabs or Pills. Could underline please be added as an option?


In the mean time, just add the class


as per the Bootstrap docs.

Or add your own option for applying the class to automate it for future use, and save to your library.


I tried this, but unfortunately it just adds an extra underline to the tabs/pills. As the component is locked in BSS I am unable to remove the nav-tabs or nav-pills class.

Then modify the CSS.

You will see .nav-tabs has a border if you enable nav-type tabs. Override it, as you will be styling everything anyway.

Or even add the BS class .border-0 to the custom toggle, so you have both classes .nav-underline .border-0

CleanShot 2023-10-22 at 11.53.40@2x