Bootstrap Cards not responsive with deck

My client wants the cards on this page to be all the size and still be responsive. I changed the class to card-deck but now on tablet and md screens, it gets cut off on the right and does not flex as card-group style does. Is there any way I can use card-group and still have them act like card deck? Thanks!

Here is my design. Dashboard - Brand.

Did you mean to say 'all the same size"?

If so, you’re maybe better sticking with 1 row/8 columns/ and placing the ‘card’ option in each one and then at 768px set the cols to full width this will set the cards to full width when responsiveness falls below 992px wide.
Something like this, if this is what you had in mind?
Card test

At least they won’t get to thin, if that is your client visual aim.

Yes, I did mean the same size. I will give this a try.

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I fixed this by creating a new bootstrap theme and modified the media query for the card-deck, changed the minimum width from 575px to 992px. This causes the cards to display vertically on tablet and below.