Bootstrap CSS Classes

Hey guys,

Currently I am working on my website using Bootstrap Studio and I’ve just about finished the design phase.

Web development is fairly new to me and I am still learning a lot of things. I am a software engineer/graphics programmer and mainly work with C/C++.

Anyways, I’ve been digging around and done a few projects with Bootstrap Studio already (most projects are still a work in progress). I love Bootstrap Studio’s workflow and everything the package does. My aim is to have my site completely responsive and strict to my design above. I’ve started working on the layout of my website with very little attention to styling as I know the components in Bootstrap Studio include by default the appropriate Bootstrap CSS classes, which is extremely handy, but also sometimes a burden as they are locked and cannot be excluded from components unless you write your own HTML code (which at that point you may as well head into some other IDE and do things the traditional way).

I want to ensure a clean code base for my site and came to the conclusion (after researching how Bootstrap works) that I would really like to write my own Bootstrap theme as opposed to overwriting the Bootstrap CSS classes and having a soup of my own CSS classes mixed with Bootstraps to achieve the style I want.

I’ve not yet started to write my own theme yet as I’m still looking for some good resources on how to do this properly. My intentions going into this is that I’ll have the ability to “rewrite” some of the Bootstrap CSS classes (such as buttons, navbar, etc, etc) to my own styling and drop any other CSS classes and CSS variables that I don’t want to use (such as some of the colours Bootstrap includes, success, danger, etc, I see no use for them in my design and would like to exclude them completely in my own theme). Would I be correct in assuming that this is possible when writing my own theme, or would I still have to include everything within the Bootstrap framework?