Bootstrap CSS files, where are they?

I could swear when I first installed this app that the Bootstrap CSS files showed up in the Styles section of the Design area. I could be wrong so please correct me if I am, but they aren't there now and I'm wondering if there's something I did that made them disappear or if it's a update that did it or if they were never there at all lol.

If they were there.... umm... help?! hahaha. Thanks!

P.S. There's no issues with the site pages so I'm assuming they are being read from somewhere even though they don't show up for me, but I've had to import the bootstrap.theme.css and the bootstrap.css files from the dist folder so I could use them as references to copy the classes from. Of course this hasn't messed anything up for me at all so that works fine for me really, just want to be sure that I didn't mess something up and lose them somewhere in limbo lol.

The STYLES pane contains primarily the Bootstrap CSS. However, this will show both your custom and the Bootstrap CSS for the element that you have currently selected, as long as you added custom CSS for that element. It doesn't allow you to add CSS elements but you can edit the current custom one if there is one and you can duplicate it and then edit the added one. Full control is in the custom CSS file which you just have to open by expanding the STYLES category in the Design pane and double click on your custom CSS file.

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If I'm understanding you correctly. Do you not see any styles?


P.S. The Bootstrap CSS is a protected element and isn't directly listed in the app.

Yes I see them in the STYLES tab, but many times the rules I'm looking for don't show up there because that particular element isn't added directly to my page.

For example, I'm working with the Yamm 3 Mega Menu and I've added this is a Custom Code block. Because it is a custom code block, the default styles for the nav rules do not show up in the STYLES window since it doesn't understand (or detect) the styles in the Custom Code block. That's why I had to import the bootstrap.css and bootstrap.theme.css files, so I could get the rules from them to add to my custom.css file.

Now, if you know how I can get all the styles to show up at any given time that would help a lot, that's what I can't figure out how to do. If anything gets highlighted in the HTML section or the Overview section, then from then on I can't seem to get the full rules list to show up for the default rules.

Does that make more sense?

If what your needing is to see the entire bootstrap.css structure, then you have already done what there is to do.

I think I get what your talking about now. Your wanting to copy over a CSS block from the bootstrap.css and then modifying that CSS to override it's defaults?

If that's not the case then read on, maybe this will be closer? :)



If the above wasn't the answer then I think either you've found a bug or you're expecting the app to work differently.

Here's what I'm find on my testing.

Since I now know your using custom code, I tried using my Carousel Hero in a new project which is a custom code creation. On selecting each element in the HTML pane I got the corresponding CSS rule and it's inherited CSS rule and that's all that will display, it does not display all CSS rules within the bootstrap.css etc... When I selected on of the elements that I added a class to, then the relevant inherited rules showed both my custom and bootstrap rules. Only the rules that apply to that elements inheritance.

But just to be sure that it's not totally similar to your situation, I went to and using Chrome I grabbed the Grid Example HTML.

Created a new project and inserted it in as Custom Code.

At this time I did not grab the menus CSS but even so the HTML pane still shows me the relevant inherited bootstrap.css rules.

So I grabbed the CSS for the menu and noticed that if I imported the menus CSS as an external link, the STYLE pane does not show the CSS other then the bootstrap CSS for that element. I had to import the CSS as a file for the app to show both the menus CSS and the bootstrap CSS together.

But the STYLE pane will only show the selected elements rules not the entire CSS structure. If there's not a defined rule then there wouldn't be any CSS to show.

The first part of your answer was correct, but I thank you for the added information.