Bootstrap does charge for hosting

Bootstrap always said that they don’t have paid hosting, right? Then how come I am not able to published my site anymore because I haven’t have the money to renew the license to recieve updates; It was said that the license fee was just for updates and not hosting. thus if they do charge for hosting then let’s have an email service and other items that come with hosting. To prove this I am attaching a screenshot!
bootstrap does charge for hosting after all

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Imho, it’s normal when your license expired, then you couldn’t access/use some features. If you really wanna publish your site, but still keeping expired license, you can try other free hosting platform, for example Github/Gitlab page, netlify,, vercel, etc.

This is incorrect. It says right on their website that Standard plans come with 1 year of Free Web Hosting and Smart Forms, and Lifetime Plans come with Web Hosting and Smart Forms for life.


Scrounge up the extra $20 bucks that are saving you hundreds if you used other software and move on lol. Seriously, don’t be so cheap. They give you a top of the line app for a fraction of the cost of every other app out there that is typically $100 and above, and free hosting for life with the lifetime plan as @printninja already pointed out. $60 for a lifetime not subscription app is super cheap.

I count my blessings (well ducks mostly lol) every day that I’ve used this app for almost 5 years for $60 total. You can’t do that anywhere else and get a great app like this! Cough up the bux and enjoy it!


The one that is “CHEAP” is you “in words”. You don’t even know why I can’t do it for now. Seriously don’t be “cheap” and pay for some English grammar courses!

Haha A+ English here sorry, can’t touch that. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve heard every excuse in the book for why people can’t buy this app. There’s free ones out there, go use them if it’s that expensive for you. You won’t find anything at all even “close” to this quality out there for this price, and the quality of this app exceeds most of the apps that cost more. There is no excuse when it’s a one off price. I can understand if it was $60 a year, but this is a one time cost.

Other than that, you’re complaining about something clearly stated in the information before you buy it. It’s not a surprise outcome. I’m not here to bash you, just stating the facts that we’ve heard it all here over the years. Some want it free because their country won’t let them use the payment gateway(s) that BSS uses to sell it, some that are too poor and want a discount, some that want an education price (already is as far as I’m concerned), and so on and so forth.

Do whatever you need to do for you, that’s about all you can do whatever your situation is.

Some people can trip over a diamond and never realize what they missed. What are you gonna do?


In fairness to oscar, the bit about the free hosting for 1 year was only added in March, before that it didn’t mention a time limit


Good point. I would agree that on the old site, the subject of hosting was a bit vague.

When you click on the Web Hosting link (now or then,) you are taken to this page, where it says hosting (Sites) is included with your Bootstrap Studio license for free. Apparently they mistakenly assumed people would understand that when the annual license expires, so does the free hosting, which is why they changed the copy.

In any case, to me it was a total no-brainer from the get-go to spend the extra $30 for the lifetime version, but I also get that in some parts of the world, $30 can be a week’s salary, and the BSS developers want the program to be accessible to as many people as possible.

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I am guessing it happen to you and that is why you are here!

Thank you, Mr. Richards you are an educated person and proved my point.

I wasn’t setting out to prove anybodys point. There is also a provision in the licence (dated 2020) that says: “The hosting service is provided to Customer only if their license is active”

A company, no mater what the size, will reserve the right to change their contract/terms and prices.

I don’t charge my customers the same price for hosting as I did 2 years ago, and they wouldn’t expect it.

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Not at all. I have a lifetime license, and I’ve never used Bootstrap Studio’s free hosting (or their Smart Forms.) I’ve always had my own server because I have a lot more than 5 clients.

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Sorry for the confusion! As others have noted, we didn’t include the “for 1 year” part on the purchase form until this year. However it has always been explained in our license terms since the hosting was introduced in May 2018. There is a checkbox for agreeing with the terms when installing the app, so we always assumed this limitation was known to users.

Regardless, you can keep using your Bootstrap Studio copy without renewing your license. It will keep working indefinitely and you can switch to one of the many free hosting providers like Github, Cloudflare Pages, Netlify etc.


I don’t use this feature, so don’t shoot me if I get this wrong lol.

@martin does that mean that if someone has uploaded their site, and configured their domains etc. to work with your hosting, that they won’t be able to access it at all if their license expires? I could see that being an issue unless it’s something they just contact support to work with someone to get it removed/changed?

Of course Martin would know for certain, but I’d assume that when the license expires, the site goes down same as if you stopped paying for paid hosting with a third-party company. The files may linger somewhere on their server until they remove your account, but the connection between your domain and the hosting is terminated.

I don’t see any issues with not having access unless the person uploaded their website and then deleted all the local copies of their files. :open_mouth: Then they’re in trouble.

The best solution is to use and that’s it honestly.


Ah good point @printninja , I wasn’t even thinking that the site would go down too. Nap time I think lol.

It really depends on your needs. Individuals and businesses often have vastly different requirements.

I say as a solution, but I agree, everyone has different needs.