Bootstrap hangs up if text input in table


I have replicated it several times: When I put a text input field in a table cell, bootstrap hangs.

enter image description here

Yup that does appear to happen. My CPU usage jumps from 4-8% to 29-34%. But it only seems to happen when the app loses focus. So as long as I'm still editing it doesn't hang for me. But if I click out side the app and then back in it hangs with the higher CPU usage.

Actually I think I narrowed it down to if I try to edit that cell with the input in it that's when it hangs. I can edit anything else but if I go to edit by either double click the cell or the pencil icon that's when it hangs, I can edit the input but not the cell.


I'm going to play stupid here hahaha, why do you use an "input" item in a table? Wouldn't you use a paragraph/title/etc. instead? Just curious as I've never tried any of the "input" items. Looks like you're making something pretty intense too!

I create problems and then search for solutions :) . It was an attempt to prepare an input form structured. Overall, it's a project where I combine phaser with bootstrap...