Bootstrap Icons Problem Exporting

Bootstrap Studio version 5.4.2 on MAC.

Anybody else unable to export design when using "bootstrap icons". Started to design a site, can save ok but cannot export to folder be that straight to hard drive or my normal export folder on a usb storage volume. I created a blank page, added only an icon, exported ok as default. If i use a Bootstrap Icon page won't export.

Any help appreciated.

Image of error

enter image description here

Just tested with these font options: CSS Icons, heroicons and Tabler Icons and these also error the export process. All others are ok.

Confirmed. It's not just Bootstrap Icons. I cannot export a project with any of the new icon families - CSS Icons, Heroicons, or Tabler Icons. Windows 7 machine. 5.4.2

Pretty egregious to release an update with such a prominent bug!

Please can this be moved to bug reports, thanks.

Forum posts can't be moved (at least not by us users.) Nor deleted, nor edited. It's really a super lousy piece of forum software.

I've already reported this via the bug report page, so the devs will be aware of it.

actually, it's not 100 % true that posts cannot be edited, it's just that you have to be fast in doing the editing -- probably, too fast for it to be practicable for most people / situations --- you have to be fairly sure you've properly checked out the parameters and nature of a problem BEFORE posting about it


Yes, you are correct. I think there's a 10-15 min window in which you can edit your post. But it's still utterly ridiculous that you can't delete a post (even a blank one), or change the title of a Forum post (ex. adding "SOLVED" to a post that asks a question which has been answered.) There's really no reason for any post in the Bug Forum to be kept up once the bug has been corrected. You can add emojis if you copy the character from somewhere online, but you can't choose an emoji from within the forum software. You can't embed images, videos, but you can do essentially useless things like add a horizontal rule? You can't message users, but you can @name them, which does nothing to notify them that they've been mentioned in a post, but just makes a link to their user profile.

They could be using Discourse, which is free, and which most other website programs like Pinegrow, Wappler, Webflow, etc... use for their forums, but the BSS devs don't want to take time away from developing BSS to improve the forums, which would ultimately make their users happier, and more inclined to recommend the program, and upgrade from $29 plans to $60 plans. Other than improving Bootstrap Studio, this company just seems to do everything they can to inhibit their own growth, from lousy forums to lack of instructional vids, to spotty tutorials and no comprehensive user manual. The entire concept of "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is totally lost of these folks.

The formula is so simple... bump the cost of the software up to something realistic ($150-ish) or turn BSS into a $60 a year subscription model, and then hire some new people to redo and moderate the forums, make instructional videos, and write a full, comprehensive user manual. They could scale this company ten-fold in two years with the right business. Hell, I'd even consider going to work for them!

Fixed now, thanks BSS awesome job as always...