Bootstrap loading very slow

Hi, does anybody here have Bootstrap loading problem? My Bootstrap is loading very slow and it freezes when I'm about to select a component to drag into the template I'm trying to make. I'm running the Bootstrap Studio in my windows 10 computer. I hope someone can help. Thanks.

I have the same problem. I have noticed that ever since I created pages with a lot of text, Bootstrap Studio takes more than 30 seconds to do anything on any page, even those with very little text. I also am using Windows 10 and my computer has 16gb of memory and an Intel i5-3570K CPU at 3.40GHz. Therefore, I would think that there is enough power in my system to not have this slowdown. Any thoughts or ideas why the slowdown is happening?

If you are still facing problems with slowdowns, can you send us the bsdesign file that is causing it? You can see our email on our contact us page. Thanks!

@rabant are you running the most recent version of the app? There was an update that totally fixed the issues with clicking on any of the online components (just in case that's what you're clicking or highlighting.

@BBFI Do you have a Browser Preview window open? There is usually a delay in updating that browser window and until that happens you can't do anything in the app. Sometimes you may need to clear your cache to help with some of that, and sometimes it's just like that no matter what you do, but .... if this is what is causing your slowdown all you need to do is open a second browser window, or minimize the browser window and it will no longer have any focus. This stops the updating of the page until you again change to that tab or maximize the browser window.

Not sure if either of those are causing your issues, but thought I'd throw those out there just in case.

Jo, I tried what you suggested. Clearing the cache did nothing. However, closing the browser window or minimizing it did a lot.

Doing anything, even adding a line break, took roughly 30 seconds before anything else could be done when the browser window was opened. Upon closing the browser window or minimizing it, the delay went down to 3 to 5 seconds. That is acceptable. Thank you Jo for your idea.

Martin, Does this sound reasonable to you in what Jo said and the delay times with and without the browser window opened? If not and the delay times still seem too long with Bootstrap Studio, let me know, and I'll be glad to email the file to you. Thanks.

There shouldn't be pretty much any delay if the browser preview isn't open. There may be a second for the app's preview to update, but it's usually pretty minimal. Have you tried restarting your computer to see if that helps it at all?

As for the 30 secs, that's way way way longer than it should be. There's a long delay with the browser preview active, but it's usually less than 10 seconds so there is still something not right for you if it was lasting 30 secs to update and not be locked up.

I get issues with locking up, but mine so far now are only at shutting down the app itself. If I've had it running for hours, which I usually do, it can take up to a minute for it to shut down for me, and a couple times it was longer than that. Not sure what that's about, but that's about the only time I have lockup issues now as long as the browser preview isn't focused.

Jo, These times occur even after restarting the computer. It seems to me that these long times started after I created an extremely long page of text (over 15,000 words) with many line breaks. This is a page where people ask questions about the Bible and we answer their questions so it is pretty long.

At GTmetrix, the Bible Question and Answers page, when live, received the following info and scores -

PageSpeed Score (100%) YSlow Score (93%) Fully Loaded Time 1.1s Total Page Size 288KB Requests 14

So the page is fast when it is live on the web, but slow when it is in Bootstrap Studio. I also noticed that the more pages I add to the website, the slower the loading of the bsdesign file is and the refreshes are in Bootstrap Studio. So it seems to me that there is a correlation between the amount of text in a web page and the time it takes in Bootstrap Studio.

Yes I agree that that correlation is there, but it should be there (except for the refreshes that is, your times are too long for sure). The larger the site file is, of course it will take longer to load and longer to export and so on. That shouldn't affect refresh times though. I have some pretty long pages on a few of my client's sites as well, but none of them ever caused your length of refreshes, so there's something else going on there I believe.

I would suggest sending the project file to Martin per his post a bit further up in this thread. Reference a link to this thread so he can see what's all been said and let him know what the email is about so he knows and I'm sure they will be able to figure out what might be causing it. They are usually pretty good at finding the little culprits that give us issues.

Having a lot of components on a page (this also includes paragraphs) can indeed slow down the app. On normal pages this isn't noticeable, but performance is impacted if you have a lot of text and the Preview is running.

We will be optimizing the application to better support large pages with lots of components. This will also speed up small and medium pages and make the app more snappy as a whole. This will take some time though, so for now you can try splitting your questions page into several smaller pages, organized by topic. This should help with performance, and can also make the page easier to navigate for users.

Hi, has this problem been solved already? Because I have the same problem recently, too. But my application doesn't seem to have large pages which total about 22 pages. Even I enable the preview, it's still running slow?. And the.bsdesign file is only 2.8 MB, isn't pretty large, right? By the way, I use the Clean Sky theme and I'm running BS in my OSX 10.15. I hope someone can help, too. Thanks a lots.

Hmm, I'm on OS 10.13.6 and I can say that yes there is issues with the Component previews again that have only showed up in the past few updates. We did get an update a while back that fixed this issue as it was really really bad before, but it seems to be back again, just not quite as horrible as it was. I have some projects that are over 25MB so your file size shouldn't be an issue @sdf159753.

I haven't played with any projects yet since getting home after a month and a half away so I'll be doing that today to get some updates done for some clients and will know more on this new update that happened just after I left. I know that "before" that update, the only slow down issues I had was the short lockup when mousing over Components which I can say is still there in the Windows version (installed it on my laptop while I was away, yaaay!) and the slow down from having the preview window focused has always been there so I don't expect that to not be there now.

I didn't have any other slowing down before I left, so I'll report back in a while and let you know if anything is worse or the same etc. :)

I sometimes run into a mild delay where the preview window will slow down doing things in the app while the preview updates. The delay seem to be commensurate with the complexity of the page. I just close the preview in such cases.

Yeah the delays due to the Preview window being focused I don't worry about at all and I do the same thing, minimize it till I need it when I'm doing a lot of text updates and don't want the delays. :)

Hi Jo, did you fix it? I don't know why, I running BS today, and it's super smooth OMG. If you did that, please accept my deepest thanks!

Me? LOL, no I don't work for BSS, just a user like you that's been around a few years is all.

Key here is, when you don't really need the Preview browser open (many times when you're just adding things in or editing a lot of code that doesn't matter if you see it right at that moment): Minimize your browser till you need it. When it's not in focus, it stops all the lag that happens with each edit.

You can minimize it or if you have a tabbed browser setup, open another tab and change to that tab. Either way will take the focus off the preview and will stop the editing lag that happens.

Hello, had the same problem here the workaround:

find the folder C:\Users\"your username"\AppData\Roaming\bstudio\Cache

Delete all files and that will fix the latency