Bootstrap Material Design

it will be good if we can add new custom theme or plugin like bootstrap material design <br> like this one :<br> just an idea since this bootstrap material design is also good to use

Love this idea, but I think it would be a whole lot simpler to utilize things like this if the devs would give those of use that have a clue (been asking for things like this from day one) the ability to unlock, rearrange, etc. all files within the BS system.

The reason this would be good is that all that would be needed to make this work is to import all the CDN's, and then rearrange the file order on the page so that the default BS CSS and JS are not the last/first read so we can make other files be more important than the default BS files. This would allow people to use this Material Design without BSS devs having to monitor/update another system in the app. It would be all in the designer/devloper's hands to deal with.

Now that you've added the auto save that only a few had even asked for, this should be a no brainer that it can be done. Since the auto save will have multiple copies of the projects, if the noobs mess it up they can always go back. No reason at all not to do some of the unlocking abilities for us experienced users so we can be more productive.

If there's an easier way, that's great, but this to me would do the trick.

Unfortunately, I don't ever expect anything like this to work or happen as this program has become "All about the noobs" and I'm tired of catering to the noobs while those of us that have a clue are just forgotten about or are just not important enough ... as long as the noobs can use the program they seem to be happy and whether web designers/developers that have experience and knowledge are happy or not is irrelevant to them. I've given up thinking we'll see all the features that "should have been in here from day one" while they cater to make it easier for the noobs to use.

I can’t see the devs opening up the app and unlocking everything as they would have done so by now so think you’re fighting a losing battle jo ?