Bootstrap.min.js + jquery.min.js not available in Bootstrap Studio after installation

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Bootstrap Studio and after some hours of trial I really like the software.

But I have a problem:
The Bootstrap Studio website says, there are two locked JavaScript files. They are always available, so you can use jQuery and Bootstrap’s JS in any design.

I installed Bootstrap Studio on both my Windows PC and my MacBook, but on both machines, these .js files are not available in the Design panel.
I wonder how to change that.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,

They are basically an inherent type of file. They are exported with the design, but not available “directly”. What does happen is when you’re building your site and you create components, any component that you add will trigger the CSS that is applied at the time. This will show in the styles window as locked styles. Then in order to change something in them you duplicate the class/id into your custom CSS file and then alter the attributes as needed. These will then override the default. So although they are not available direcdtly to see the whole file, you do see what you need to see.

What I do when I need to find something is download the files from and open them in my favorite text editor (right now that’s Atom) and browse around to my hearts content that way.

I’m not sure what the JS files do when you add a component that uses it. I don’t recall seeing the actual files in the app at all, but once again they are in the files if you download them. So you can always browse them same as the CSS files. They are exported with the project as well.

Hope that helps.

Supplementing this screenshot. It shows a newly created template in BSS. The two required files can be found where they belong.


I understand @Failix and yep they are shown correctly in the code, just not accessible in the project itself directly. Not much else I can tell you. I agree it would be nice to have that available as well, I’m not sure why it’s set up as it is, but alas it is. Suffice it to say that the files export as they should, but the only ones I believe that are accessible are the CSS files as you use the classes in components as I mentioned above. Not a bug, it was designed this way, I’m just not sure why. It is just another example of things that really should be there so we have more control over our designs. But … the system works and if you can work with the JS outside of the app to find what you need you should be good to go.

Also, many components that use JS include their own edited JS files so you will have “some” access to JS files, just not the default ones directly.

@jo-r You are absolutely right, I just wanted to show that the two files are really available for each project.

My bad, I wasn’t paying attention to who posted so I was assuming you were the OP showing that the files are supposed to be there. Sorry for that, but all good info in either case. :slight_smile:

No problem, have a nice evening! :slightly_smiling_face:

So if I understand it right, for HTML and CSS Bootstrap Studio works fine, but for JavaScript I’d use an other editor (Visual Studio Code in my case). Right?

no I’m pretty sure you can code your javascript in BSS (Bootstrap Studio) as well, but you may find it easier to do it in a better editor. BSS has the new features for integrating your favorite editors (well quite a few anyways, not sure which ones do and don’t yet). By doing this you can create your classes and identifiers for whatever you do with Javascript (since I don’t code it, forgive my lack of terminology lol). So … you create your file in BSS and then open that file in your favorite text editor by right clicking over the file in BSS and choosing that option. Then edit away in your favorite editor and any time you save it will update the file in BSS. So there’s that too.

That sounds goot, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re quite welcome @Hartmut. I did forget to mention that you can edit your JS and create it right inside of BSS as well. I don’t know if there are any limitations there or not, I don’t think so, but thought I’d let you know that too. Enjoy and I hope all works well for you.

Export your project, copy the js files and then import them into BSS. Not sure what will happen on exporting again, but then you’ll have access to them to edit. You can always download Bootstrap directly from the Bootstrap website, or also get them from any number of online CDNs that host Bootstrap.

@printninja That’s a good idea. The important thing is to rename the imported files. If you don’t do that, the originals will be used (without your own changes).