Bootstrap positioning with in the UI

I’ve just been looking for how I could pin my section at the bottom for my mobile version of the website, but there is my ready-made class for it in Bootstrap and I think you should be able to use all the ready-made lets that you already get with the framework also in the editor.

That is now only so a thought then you have to look how to get that neatly so that it is again the user friendly.

An example:
Position · Bootstrap v5.0 (


or if you want something other than a navbar then just add the class of fixed-bottom

You can add any of Bootstrap’s utility classes to any component via the Attributes panel. Just select the Component from the Overview panel, or directly on your page in the workspace, and then type the class in the Class Names field. Bootstrap Studio will actually show you a list of all the available utility classes as you start typing the name.

The more letters you type, the more the list will narrow down to the exact name of the utility class.

Thank you, but I have already installed it the problem was not that I could not do now but did not even know that there is this class.

I would have found it just great if he gives your extra category in the options where I have all the possible classes in an overview, or that one still builds a CheatSheet



Did you notice that Bootstrap now uses pe for both pointer events and padding-end? I wonder if this was a blunder on their part, as they’ve never not had unique shorthand for different classes

Personally, I didn’t like their decision to change the padding and margin utility classes from left/right to start/end. I get that they were trying to follow flexbox syntax, but the actual CSS rules are padding-left and padding-right which makes more sense to me as “left” and “right” are both intuitive and unambiguous in terms of direction, whereas “start” and “end” can apply to any direction in three dimensions (or even four dimensions - time!)