Bootstrap Spinner

Hello all,

I am trying to use the Bootstrap spinner to let the end-user know data is being loaded and displayed on the form. Once the data is loaded, I want to hide the spinner. I have searched the web but have only found somethings that do not seem to work. I have read the documentation on the official bootstrap website and only found how to create a spinner and not how to hide one.

I tried the addClass and removeClass (once screen has rendered), but the Spinner control still is displaying.

    // Setup the screen
    var victimSegment = JSON.parse(sessionStorage.getItem('victimSegment'));

...dozens of lines of code $('#spinner-map-right-click').hide(); $('#spinner-map-right-click').removeClass('d-none');

I have a div with the id of spinner-map-right-click as in the stackoverflow example. I placed the Spinner control inside the div. The only thing I haven't tried yet is to remove the !important from the display : flex as the author which answered the stackoverflow question mentioned. I believe this should not be this hard!

This does nothing, the spinner remains. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


I'd suggest creating an account on Stackoverflow and asking this question there. These forums are mainly for help with how to use the Bootstrap Studio Program. What you need is help with a coding problem.


To some degree I can accept that answer. The Bootstrap Spinner control though has been implemented into BSS so therefore there should be some level of support. Outside of the release notes, I see no mention on how to utilize the control which is part of BSS's toolbox. This seems like a simple question.

With that said, yes I have an account on StackOverflow and will ask there.

Have a nice day!