Bootstrap Studio 5.0

No mention in the Roadmap posting of multiple monitors...

? good idea thread raised - why not try emailing the devs direct

Multiple monitor support is a big undertaking and is not planned for 5.0. It will come at a later point, in one of the 5.X releases.

@Chris Hackwood... multiple monitors has been raised previously and so emailing the devs direct wouldn't provide an update for those who might be interested.

@Martin... thanks for the update. Looking forward to 5.X!

BSS 5.0 will support external editors, so that is a big help toward using multiple monitors, imo.

Will "not" according to Martin, not 5.0, but a later 5.X update :)

Bootstrap Studio 5.0 is going to be the next major release of our app. We have planned the following features and improvements:

Editing, CSS, SASS, JS and Custom Code in external code editors.

@jo I think you need to read what I wrote, and not what you think I wrote.

Now if you want to run your external editor on the same monitor, then that's on you. But, I plan on running my editing on a different monitor.

As I said, it's a BIG step in being able to use dual (multiple) monitors with BSS. And it is "still" imo (my opinion [even if you disagree]).

Ah my bad, I definitely read that wrong lol. Thanks for catching that! And I'll for sure be using it on the same monitor if it doesn't allow me to slide it over to the other, at least until they do get the dual monitor setup working. Better than not at all I guess.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone, in case I don't get on for a few days while we travel. <3

It really depends on how the external editor is implemented. Where BSS suffers in terms of screen real estate is the lower panel that contains the HTML, Attributes and CSS styles. When this window is popped up, you basically lose half the website view. An external code editor would have to allow editing to both the HTML and CSS in order to eliminate the need to expand that lower window. If it doesn't, or only allows the editor to link to the CSS, it's not going to be much of a help to me because you'll still need to expand the panel to gain access to the HTML Attributes to assign classes, etc.

That's what I'm looking forward to.

Opening up and editing BSS code in the VS Code editor and not having to use any BSS real-estate.

Maybe my expectations are a little high, but I have been use VS Code with PG and it worked great.

@jo And have a safe trip.