Bootstrap Studio 6.5 upgrade issues

Upgrade on WIN11 deleted program icon on taskbar. Message indicated application location change.
I was able to open backup but still chasing around where the executable went.

Upgrade on Ubuntu 16.04 killed the app due to lack of library.

Any ideas how to revert back. I don’t think I want either of these upgrades.
Any information appreciated.

On Win 10 it’s in C:\Users\your-user-name\AppData\Local\Programs\bstudio

Thanks floydmanfloyd,
WIN11 Found 'em:
C:\Users\omserver\AppData\Roaming\Bootstrap Studio
These are directories. Executable in bstudio directory.

On Ubuntu saga … rechecked libnss3 libraries are installed.
error message:
/tmp/.mount_BootstHUSqzl/bstudio: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `NSS_3.30’ not found (required by /tmp/.mount_BootstHUSqzl/bstudio)
We executed backup Bootstrap 5.9.3 AppImage and it was set not to perform updates without asking permissions. It blasted through with an upgrade anyway to 6.5.
Downloaded fresh AppImage. No good.

We have an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS dev environment up. we’ll try it there. But for all practical purposes BS6.5 AppImage doesn’t work on Ubuntu 16.04.

Thanks for the response.

update: …deployed the app on Ubuntu 20.04.3LTS … no problems although setting preferences required creating a new design before the tab could be executed.