Bootstrap Studio: Allow a dropdown button on navbar!

A great addition would be if you allowed us to place a dropdown button in the nav like a button. This would be a big help. Thanks

Here is an example of what i did once outside of BS - but it would be great if I could do that in BS to create account menus etc. Thanks

And a GIF of me attempting to place it in between the nav and button:

You can already do this. Have been able to drag a dropdown to a Nav or a Navbar for quite some time now. How you style it to make it a button is totally up to you and your CSS settings.

No cos it forces it to be in the "nav" when i want it to go where a button can go as you can see from the gif.

Ah I see what you mean, try checking in the Online components in the app. There's a good handful of various navs that have some things like that built into them already that you can probably alter to your needs. Only other thing you can do is build it yourself from scratch.

Ya, dw i'm using custom code :) One question tho, do you know any good off canvas menus that work great with bootstrap 4. I will be using it 24/7 not just mobile devices. Then I will move logo from center to left and have a hamburger off canvas! Like this: enter image description here


I used to use smartmenu and Yamm!3 as the work pretty slick with BSS. Granted, it will still have to be custom code, but I don't care about that for some things and some people just need better and bigger menu capabilities than a single dropdown level. Now I'm using mostly the built in standard Bootstrap menus or sometimes one off the Online Components list and haven't had much problems with them at all.

You should check Bootstrap's page because the app doesn't have every single Bootstrap capability as of yet, they are working on it, but I'm pretty sure there are settings for the nav that you can do what you're asking to do, and I'm pretty sure there's default settings for it. At least there used to be, I guess I can't say there is for sure now, but there was. Might be that you just need to add a class and/or ID or something to do it.