Bootstrap Studio and Microsoft Blazor

I recently started working with Microsoft Blazor web application framework and found it was amazing and a lot of html styling is based off Bootstrap 4.3.1 and I notice searching for tools and such, this application. I decided to get it because at minimum it can help me create html/bootstrap code to insert into the Razor pages for the Blazor components.

The goal of this is do use Bootstrap Studio for Blazor as Microsoft Blend is use for WPF applications. I don't desired to modified the bootstrap code itself or implement any Java script.

I don't believe at this time, Bootstrap studio should be use to import and export pages into Blazor projects - but I believe there is extremely big opportunity for the product in this emerging technology.

So I am curious has anybody had experience in this area?


Blazor is for building web apps. BSS is for building websites. Not sure I see how the two compliment each other, but then I've never tried building a web app, so maybe there can be a use for it.

But I wouldn't expect the developers to jump into modifying BSS to compliment Blazor. They're pretty focused on what they want this program to do, which is make it easy to build Bootstrap websites using a visual interface.

Yes I am new Bootstrap Studio and I see it has a tool to help with visual side of Bootstrap that that is integrated with Blazor. I am pretty 100% sure that Bootstrap studio will not be only tool for creating a website. For example, it will not do any of database logic that drives the website. To browser, Browser application is seen as html and cross platform just that Blazor pre renders the html on the server.

I see this as unique opportunity for Bootstrap studio, yes there is a lot of coding behind Blazor but the opportunity here is for improving the front end HTML/CSS appearance of website that Blazor renders. In any case what is provided with BSS is just data to Blazor application and included on the Razor pages to be generated and display on the browser for the user.

I'd rely on your gut instincts. You did say firstly: "I don’t believe at this time, Bootstrap studio should be use to import and export pages into Blazor projects"

I think there are many people who want just an easier and better way (through easier use of custom coding) of building websites. As PrintNinja so rightly imho said, I think that's where the developers of this program wish to see it go. Never at any stage in the program's Roadmap did they indicate any interest in going along the path you suggested. I think that's fair enough -- don't take our Front-End Tool away from us!

Yes, there is a need for more and better back-end tools, but there are other programs proceeding along their own paths to this goal.