Bootstrap studio created website not responsive except on iphone

Hello I have created a website ( I have worked hard at it but am very disappointed to see that it only looks good on my iPhone. I would be greatful for any feedback on what to do about this problem. Responsiveness is the main reason for buying and registering my copy of bootstrap studio! Thanks and happy new year!

Have a look to your Jumbotron. You styled your site with Inline-Styles.

All CSS will be overwritten.

<div class="jumbotron show visible-xs-block visible-sm-block visible-md-block visible-lg-block visible-xs-inline visible-sm-inline visible-md-inline visible-lg-inline visible-xs-inline-block visible-sm-inline-block visible-md-inline-block visible-lg-inline-block hero" style="font-size:30px;padding:-22px;width:478px;background-image:url("assets/img/wall.jpg");">

When you delete for example the width:478px; then your site is 100% width.

So Inlinestyles are max for testing... you should always use the css. When you use the silders, make sure the right css-style is selected!! If you just change the value of the width... it is written directly to the code. On the top you find "Style-Attribute" - switch to your css here.

So you have to clean all your Inline-Styles - have fun :=)