Bootstrap Studio Folder location

I’m trying to make a dynamic web application where the folder of the attachments are saved in a specific folder. The folder path is stored on my database relative to the web server and retrieved at runtime. However, in development, I’m struggling to test this.

I’m trying to copy a file into the Bootstrap Studio/ Images folder using windows explorer. That will allow me to test my path stored on my database when I run the app from bootstrap studio. Where do I find the Bootstrap Studio/ Images folder in Windows Explorer without having to export my project to my web server each time I want to testmy app from BS?

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Actually you don’t. There is no location of files and folders of your website until you export them. The program keeps everything in a single proprietary file (the project files) and they are not accessible (well not in a practical way that you can use anything and put it back).

The best way to test your files is to export the site and test it directly from your drive. As long as the files you need are relative to the project’s files (in other words you used relative links instead of absolute ones) and as long as the project files are in the location referenced (put the images or other files in the project’s exported files directory exactly where they would be referenced when the site is uploaded), you should be able to see them if you double click the HTML file that is in question.

This is unfortunately one of the few drawbacks of the app. The inability to import supporting files other than images, js and css files.

If you want to copy the images into your project all you need to do is create the directory(ies) needed and then highlight all of the files in each directory, one directory at a time, and drag them to the directory you created in BSS. Would be nice if we could drag the folders and have it all in there, but this is still not too hard of a job to do.

Do keep in mind though that the export files are not set up like many people expect them to be. All supporting files that are imported are put into respective directories within an Assets folder, which means all paths will lead to that assets folder. I’m afraid that this may be a blocker in what you’re trying to do.

The only other option would be to reference them all with absolute links.

Hope that helps.

It does help ,thanks.