Bootstrap studio for iPad

will there be a Bootstrap Studio for iPad anytime soon as the desktop version is pretty much mature at this point

Unless you’re using the iPad with a mouse, I think it would be torturous. Even with a mouse, the small screen would be infuriating.

Moving from a big screen to a ridiculously small screen seems like a bad idea.

  • Unable to test different screen sizes.
  • Cannot see a page and palette of tools at the same time.
  • Etc.

You’d also lose all the hover features and keyboard shortcuts unless you attached an external mouse and keyboard, which basically leaves you with using the iPad as a small monitor. Pointless. Trying to do web development via touch screen seems incredibly unpleasant.

iPad OS and Android are very different from desktop software. Bootstrap Studio for tablets would practically need to be a ground-up rewrite with a touch UI. I don’t think there are enough potential users for this to be worth the effort.

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Hi @luckanmol.pandey2,

Bootstrap Studio uses Electron, which does not offer direct inherent support for iOS or Android. So as Martin stated there is no easy path without additional libraries or a complete rewrite.

For comparative purposes If you want to test conceptually what usability on your iPad would be like you could try Blocs App. It offers Mac, iPad, iPhone (soon) and Apple Vision (unofficially thus far). It’s obviously not the same concept or workflow as Bootstrap Studio but it does similarly use Bootstrap for assembling websites. You can try these verions of Blocs by way of App Stores or even betas via Apple’s TestFlight. You might be surprised either positively or negatively regarding what such an experience on touch devices can offer.

Thank you for your suggestion, i really appreciate it.

And for those who want to test this app which @bss_user suggested, i have attached the link to the app:-