Bootstrap Studio Laravel export script

Good day everyone! I am currently working on a project in Laravel, and I thought it would be cool if you can just export the code directly to your Laravel project, so I created a quick script to do so. It currently converts all HTML pages to blade files(no parsing so there are still room for improvement) and also copies all the assets to the public folder

Setup instructions: '1. Get files from github 2. Import the Laravel-bss.css 3. Add all blade template code in a custom code block and within tags 3. Click export->advanced and select the .bat file provided on Github 4. Select export path to export to the root directory of Laravel 5. Have Fun! 6. Contribute to the exporter if you like to help out the community'

Keep in mind, that the export script will delete all previous pages(everything in resources/views/pages), so please do work only in custom code blocks and BSS, everything changed externally will be deleted.

I'd love to hear some feedback, maybe some suggestions or anything. I hope you enjoy the export script!

Kudos, this is great project plan. Too busy right now but hope I have some time in the future to help out.

@tsekka Yeah I agree, this is a good idea, I have not really thought of putting much effort into this until I a post from someone else about it. I actually worked on this alot the past week, i added a option to export the controllers with the pages, i also added a interface to add functions to the controller and parameters for the functions. I also added a option to manage the routes of the controllers. After i finilize everything im going to push the new code and project files to github. In the meen time here are some images of the new features.

Once you export you will be greeted with this window, this window will manage all your controllers and routes DashBoard

You can obviously modify the controllers as you wish by adding new functions to the specific controller without typing a single line of code Controller Edit

To add a function you will have to define a few parameters like the visibility(is the function public, private or protected), should the method be empty, or does it have a request variable. I am planning on putting custom code sections in here. that will generate a new file that will be used to fill the content of the controller. You can open and edit this file with your favorite editor.

Adding a function

I was also planning on adding a custom code option, that you are able to modify the controllers code from a seperate file in a external editor of your choice. I am planning to add keywords to add laravel data tables as well with a data table builder, for instance if you want to display a table containing records from your database you will just have to add @DATATABLE('somename') to your html in bss and the program will pick this up automatically and you can build the "somename" from the export script(if it has not yet been created of course)

I just signed up for the forums to say that this idea would be a real winner. I am a laravel developer and I really wish there was a way to speed up the time to convert html into blade files with all the correct tags etc and separate the various reused sections into partials. If I had a tool that would help simplify this stage and speed it up, that would drastically speed up my workload.

I have added the version for linux in case someone comes to require it like me. Version-Linux