Bootstrap Studio > Manage Devices [fixed in 5.4.0]

  • macOS & BSS 5.3.1 (clean install of app)
  • Bootstrap Studio > Manage Devices

Once the Manage Devices slides down from the top there is no way to exit it. You can't continue to use the app aside from quitting the app altogether to exit out of Manage Devices. There is no top bar, close button, etc. Upon Bootstrap Studio > Quit, it rolls up then quits the app, this is the only way I can exit out of Manage Devices. This happens both on the welcome screen and with a site open. It seems like the window does not slide down enough from the top to see the top bar, which can be seen in the docs. There is also quite a bit of extra space on the button where it looks like a close button could be/go?

Is it just me who experiences this on macOS, anyone else?

Menu > Help > Manage Devices

Windows appears and works normally on my Windows 7 machine

I can confirm that there is an issue with this in Mac as well. I'm on High Sierra (till I they either get all my apps approved for upgrades or force me to update lol).

Another issue that goes with it is that if you cannot shut the app down from the icon in the dock as I normally would with the Manage Devices window open. I was able to use the Quit selection in the Bootstrap Studio menu though to quit the program.

Thanks for confirming the issue @Jo .

Thank you for reporting this! Since this dialog is loaded directly from our server it didn't require a Bootstrap Studio update to get fixed. It should be working now.