Bootstrap studio NOT saving properly.

On Windows 10, I have been experiencing a problem where the design CANNOT save. I press the save button, but it creates a .tmp file. NOT IMPRESSED. YOU CHARGE $25 USD FOR THIS GARBAGE? When I try to open the original design, it does not seem to work. FIX IT NOW OR MAKE THIS FREE!!!!

What version? Try downloading BSS again, and reinstall it. The download link for the app is included in your license email, right after your key.

btw, web developers on this forum buy their licenses, and usually have no sympathy for thieves/pirates and people that call other work "garbage" when probably the problem is on their side.

Agreed Marco, really not sure why this user is posting so aggressively as the BSS devs will help them if he/she just emails them on the contact section of the main website and applies a bit of patience

Sorry. I bought the license for this software. I was just frustrated that I lost all my progress each time I try to launch it.

But you didn't answer the question Marrco asked, did you do what he suggested? IS all fixed now or still broken?<br /> This is one of the most powerful web design softwares for drag and drop as well as Bootstrap 4 out there, it's far from garbage and should be priced much much higher than it is so yeah ... a bit over the top for a first post asking for help.

Have you moved the doc?? I had the same problem... If you move the doc to another location, it creates temporary docs and you can't save your project. Try to copy/paste, delete the original and rename the copy to the original's name. I have no idea why, but it worked for me...

@kriskom92, the same problems occurred to me..

So, next time, if you want to move the project, instead of moving the doc, COPY and PASTE it to the location to you want to, then delete the original one. It worked for me.


I am having the same issue randomly. I have two suspects: 1.- Google Drive sync. I am saving to a Google Drive folder. 2.- When you change only the script and save & export without touching the design, then probability of saving to a tmp file increases. For some reason BS saves to a tmp file, but without notifying the user. When you save later the same file, it keeps updating the progress, but in the tmp file instead of the original one.


@crendo, this is what happened to me.

@haulexeyo15 Are you using Google Drive? It could be interfering with the way Bootstrap Studio writes to disk. The tmp file is there to prevent corrupting your design if your computer crashes. Maybe Google Drive is breaking this.

I think this happens with the google drive's desktop version..