Bootstrap Studio official website seems to be broke.

Hi BSS Support,

I'm looking at BSS website in Chrome and Firefox and it seems to be broke.

I'm not sure how to include a screenshot here so you just might want to look into it yourself. The Navbar is out of wack and the header section too. Looking at the site inspection tools I notices a few warning from failed scripts.

One error states the following:

< Loading failed for the <script> with source “”. >

Every other page I visit looks normal. But anyway I wanted to inform it.

Best regards,


Looks fine to me, try clearing your browser cache and check it again. I'm on Chrome (didn't check Firefox) on a Mac, not sure if that will make a difference, but just in case it's a Windows thing I'll check that in a little while on my laptop.

Hi Jo,

Looks good now. Didn't clean the cache, but I did shut down the PC last night. Today it looks fine so, yeah, it must have been my PC.. Weird...?? I was just going to read some articles from support. Anyways, it looks good for me now.


You may get an error like that if you're using a browser, or a plug-in, that blocks scripts or ads.