Bootstrap Studio premium themes

Hi, When I bough BS license, it mentioned that it comes with premium themes for free. However I can only see a couple of themes?

I think maybe you are confusing "themes" with "templates? The themes are all there as far as I am aware. They are part of the default settings of a project. Basically they are the Bootswatch themes which you can view more info on here: and the link at the top left for Themes will change them so you can see them all one by one.

Those are the themes that are included at this time. Just in case you were thinking "templates" which the app comes with only a few of those at this time (Blank, Clean Sky and Material Portfolio).

Hope that helps clarify what was included with the app. Hopefully the future will bring us many more Templates too!

same here, just renewed my license to lifetime one, can't see anything in the settings -> themes section. It is currently blank. The templates are the same that I had a year ago.

Hiya evni,

Not sure what's up there. I also have the lifetime license and I see all of the themes and templates. I would try reinstalling and see if that helps.

Same here, just bought and no themes included

Sounds like you don't have a current version or something. You will need to contact support for this issue guys, there's really nothing the users here can help with on that if you've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. If you haven't, do that first, that usually fixes things most of the time and then you would be done instead of having to drag it out with support.