Bootstrap Studio programmer

I’m looking for web programmer who used the bootstrap studio for our team.
For more information, send a message.
I hope I do not violate any rules of this forum with this post.

If you’re looking for someone who helped create the Bootstrap Studio software, and are trying to recruit them to your team, then I would say your post is probably not going to be well received. We are a pretty tight and loyal family when it comes to the developers of Bootstrap Studio.

This Forum category is essentially for people looking for help with using the Bootstrap Studio software itself. There is another Forum category called Webdesign Help, which is for people who need help with building websites in general, writing code, or doing things that are outside the realm of just using this software. You might get a better response if you post there.

There is currently no Forum category for soliciting job offers, or paid gigs. So there I cannot advise you.

I already own my own web development company, so I would not be interested in your offer, but there may be other here who are.

Hope this helps you.

Personally, after reading it I marked it in my brain as spam/scam. I get a ton of emails constantly asking this same question almost word for word, so I don’t think it’s even a legitimate offer. Just my opinion and I would love to be proven wrong.

Typically these are email address drillers, they get you to respond with your email address in some way so they can populate their email listing to sell them and make money. That’s my take on it anyways.

If it’s a legitimate job position, why be so mysterious? Post the information about the position and let us decide at that time if it’s a good fit or not. I believe it would get much better response. Hopefully no one is dumb (bad word I suppose, not trying to call anyone dumb) enough to respond to it.

If you take a closer look, this was my first post on this forum, so I’m not quite familiar with the rules and for that reason I wrote that I hope I’m not breaking the rules.
I’m looking for a programmer and designer to help me because we’ve had too much work lately, and I’m willing to pay for that service, that’s all.

Thank printninja to answer.

My apologies if it is a truely legitimate project need. I do have to say that it was “because” it was your first post ever that it was suspicious. I really do get a few dozen spam/scam emails a day asking almost the same question from 20 different email addresses. They are 100% spam/scam emails, hence my apprehension in trusting your post.

Once again my apologies, and good luck on your pursuit.

@jo-r I get the EXACT same thing. At least a few a day, probably from the same people as you. Offers or solicitations from strange emails (that are probably spoofed) and 90% of them are probably coming from India or Asia. Their cultures are DESPERATE to get their hands on U.S. dollars because what buys us a cup of Starbucks coffee here, will feed them for a day over there. It’s a messed up world we live in, and as the internet has connected all the different countries and peoples together, we in the west are finally starting to realize just HOW messed up the world is. Most Americans are oblivious to the plight of these “scammers” who, if they can cheat jusy one of us out of $50, they can feed their family for a month. And there are 100 other people in their village trying to run the same scams. It’s really tragic when you stop to think about it. Even those of us who are poor and struggling here, working two minimum wage jobs to survive are “rich” in the eyes of the people in these other countries.

@itelektronicar The Bootstrap Studio Forums have no “official rules.” They’re basically self-policed. The developers monitor them sporadically, and a small group of us “regulars” basically do all the support. Our guidelines are, if we see a suspicious post to “flag it”, and the developers will then handle it. I didn’t think your post was suspicious, but if you need help with website development, then just post what it is you’re looking for. There aren’t a lot of super experienced BSS users who are using these forums to find freelance gigs, but you may luck out. Mostly, we use these forums to support each other, report bugs to developers, and try give new users some guidance. And we do it out of the goodness of our hearts (i.e. none of us are paid.) There are no admins or moderators. It’s a small community with probably fewer than a few thousand members, and only about a dozen or so “regulars” who you’ll see here every day. @jo-r and myself are two such “regulars.”

So you can’t really break any rules, because there are none. But the phrasing of your question “a programmer who used Bootstrap Studio” sounds a bit odd. I’m guessing English may not be your native language.

I’d suggest you just post in the Webdesign Help category that you’re looking for someone with experience using Bootstrap Studio to help you with a project, and to PM you for the details. And leave out the “programmer” part, because we’re not programmers. If anything, we’re just “coders” (unless you’re talking about writing javascript, PHP, or one of the other internet programming languages.)

Good luck.