Bootstrap Studio Randomly crashes when "CMD + S is" pressed.

I got and Macbook Pro Early 2008 with OS X el Capitan 10.11.6, 2GB ram DDR2 + a 256gb hdd. I'm Experiencing some crashes when I use the program and I'm gonna save my work. When I press the combination for saving (CMD + S), the program just closes itself. Sometimes I can save my work, others well... i've lost a lot of stuff.

what could be happening?

PD: i've bought the program just in case you're asking, lol.

I would suggest contacting support directly as that sounds like a more serious problem than most of us here on the forums can help with, and you may get more taylored assistance that way. I'm going to guess it's something to do with your OS as I'm on High Sierra and have no issues with that. I use that key combo constantly myself too. Good luck and hopefully they can narrow down your issue.

P.S. Be sure to let them know if this happens on all projects or if it's only happening on a specific project(s). If you haven't already, try starting a new project and see if it happens then. This will help them narrow it down to if it's a project that has problems and they may be able to help you fix the project. If not then what I'd suggest would be start a new project and open the one giving you issues and copy all of your elements over to the new project. Create new CSS files to mimic what you have in the crashing project and highlight all the CSS from your other one(s) and copy those classes/ids/etc. to the new one(s). Do the same for any custom JS files or JS files added by any components you added.

Not quite as tedious as starting over from scratch so it shouldn't take too long to do this and will allow you to not have to redo it all again manually. This is only if the project cannot be fixed though so see if the devs here can help first.

Hey Kevin…I’m having similar problems. Whenever I click undo a few times the program crashes without ANY warning. I've lost countless hours of work over this and have had to redo entire projects at times. It's extremely frustrating to say the least. It happens on ALL projects. I've also uninstalled it and reinstalled it as this was supposed to "fix" everything. Guess what...the problem still remains!

This sort of issue sounds like the operating system killing Bootstrap Studio due to low memory. 2gb is a small amount these days. Most of it would be taken by macOS. But still the app shouldn't just close without an error message.

@Liamoz do you know how much ram your computer has?

the developer suggested you not to 'reinstall' but to update BSS, because a bug was fixed and a new version released. And you never answered him.

FWIW using the latest version I just tried to "click undo a few times" and had no crash, so maybe you'd better update yours and report back to the developer in the original thread.