Bootstrap Studio Settings

Bootstrap Settings

In the setting Bootstrap Settings dialog the Default Color Mode could remember the state. For example if one change the default color mode in a design the app could remember the chosen state and set that as the default color mode next time one create a new design.

Preview Settings

In the Preview Settings when changing the port it could be per design and not global. If one has two designs open in Bootstrap Studio they would be running in two different browser tabs on different ports which means one could switch tab in Bootstrap Studio do some editing and still have the both designs running in the browser

Any thoughts @martin @gabby


I personally like both ideas, especially the ability to preview more than one website via different ports.

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Thank you for the suggestions!

Having the Default Color Mode setting remember its value from one design to another would easily be considered a bug by someone who doesn’t want this behavior. I can’t think of a way we could make it intuitive or configurable by the user. Maybe creating a Custom Template with a design in which you’ve set the Default Color Mode to the value you like is the closest way to achieve this?

Having multiple previews running in parallel, one per design, would be a big rewrite. If many users are interested, we can dedicate time to this in one of our next releases. So if others wish to see this as a feature in Bootstrap Studio, be sure to leave a post in this thread.

how about this approach

  • isolate content of saved file from the design…to something like this this, savedFile:{content:contentData,design:arrayOfDesignData}
  • then assign/serve each design(s) to multiple ports with the same contentData.

The Interface Color Mode remeber its value from one design to another, has anyone considered that as a bug?

I have this workaround solution now
I start a dev Server watching the export folder for changes so instead of click the preview I click the export in BSS
(I have the same browser tab every time), not like the preview that open a new tab in the browser each time when clicking the preview.

if I have two designs open in bss I start another dev Server on a different port and I can switch tabs in bss and still have both designs running in the browser