Bootstrap Studio Themes on GitHub

Just made a new repo on GitHub with Bootstrap Studio theme(s). I'll be adding more but feel free to add your own by forking the project and making a pull request! I started out with just the default Bootswatch theme to make it easier to make your own complete theme.

Check it out at:

Or, just go to to check out what's been done so far.

Nice one derek ?

Thank you!

I'm so excited for the up coming themes. :)

Are you looking for contributions towards this for example if I made a theme could it be added to the repo? (only if it met a certain standard of course )

This post is a year old already and no other themes than the starter theme have ever been added to the repository, so I'm going to assume he gave up on this idea already. Sad too, was a great idea!

definitely need new themes

All the themes that you see on Bootswatch's site are included in BSS already so there are quite a few themes already set up.

Pretty much everything on the posters site are already in BSS as well. Browse around them, many of them have multiple pages that can be included already too.

You can access the themes in the settings of your project. I don't think they work with the default templates, or at least some of them, but play around with them and you'll see what they are. The Bootswatch site has a full preview of them all as well so you can see what they look like before you choose one.

Having said all that, I'd love to see some more full site templates with more styles of structure.

but there's many that I can't download... the button is unavailable... :(

You don't download them, They are already in the app and you choose them from your design's Setting options. If you do a custom design you should be able to choose any one you want from the list, but if you choose a theme/template for a premade site within BSS, then there may not always be options to change that setting.

ok.. but I have downloaded this one:

How to open it in my BBS? that's what I want...

Thanks @jo!!


You cannot open non-Bootstrap Studio projects (like complete websites) directly in Bootstrap Studio. Search the forums, it's been explained dozens of times.