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Ok one small step closer but not quite…

Got an HTML template but when I import it I’m getting:

Yeah, happens to me too. I gave up. Might be just me being stupid though :wink:

@fynn either something is not working quite right with the import function, or the video is missing some key steps and a bit more clarity and explanation or… we are indeed stupid?! :man_facepalming::rofl:

That said, I downloaded this theme/template: Resume - Free Resume/CV Bootstrap Template - Start Bootstrap yesterday, went through the same import process and it worked pretty good. Not sure why. If you figure out how to import other more advanced themes, please do let me know and I’ll do the same.’


@diego, it looks like quite a complex template to start with, so don’t feel too bad, it is sometimes tricky to work out someone elses code.

If you want to send me the original files then I will see if I can make it bss compatible for you.

Hi @richards thank you so much for the offer. I was able to find another template: iPortfolio Bootstrap Template Demo that looks quite a bit like the one before that I can live with, and it looks like BS has a much easier time importing this one.

Give me a few days to stretch my brain and skills a little bit and see if I can make it work. If not I may take you up on your generous offer.


@fynn I found another template that also was imported quite well if you are interested: iPortfolio Bootstrap Template Demo

I’d imagine that most templates on this site may have similar ease of import!

Glad you got it sorted. The bootstrapmade templates are quite nicely structured. I was testing a few with the bss import a few days ago and they worked quite well.

It looks like the bss import is quite fussy (and rightly so) in that if there is bad code, it won’t convert but just adds it as a custom code component. #GIGO

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