Bootstrap Studio Themes

Brand new to bootstrap studio and needing to get a personal website up and running ASAP.

Are there any places from where to download pre-made themes that are native bootstrap studio files (not theme forest, etc. files that need to be rebuild in bootstrap studio)?


There are some templates already in BSS. Just choose one from the selection when you create a new website.

Thanks @jo-r . I was just wondering if there was a bigger library or ready to import theme as non one the ones there fit what I’m looking for.


We don’t have additional templates apart from those that are already in the New Design dialog. In our latest release you can import third party templates though.

Thanks for the reply @martin.

Would the template have to be a bootstrap studio file or can it be any template project that I can get from a site like Themeforest?

It can be any template, this is a new feature of the latest release, you can see more here:

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Thanks @richards.

I bought a them via Themeforest and unpacked it. When I drag and drop index.html to bootstrap studio and accept the import settings and then open the file all I get is a blank page.

I’m sure I’m missing some stupid basic step here… any clues?

If you have the name of the theme or a link to the one you bought, the forum members would be more likely to help. Themes can be built and structured differently. Someone could probably help if its a simple theme.

Thanks @twinstream pretty new to all this and trying to figure it all out.

Any particular room where I should post? This is the theme: Simone - Personal Portfolio React Template by HarnishDesign | ThemeForest

Best and much appreciated!

It appears to be a good choice. Bootstrap 5.2.3

Just doing a simple test I was able to get this… Test Theme

I only tried one page with the Bootstrap Theme css. Good structure, simple menu.

Did you buy the Bootstrap version because they sell both, React and Bootstrap and you would want the Bootstrap Version :boot: ? You would want to import the Bootstrap folder. Html pages, then import the css, then import the js files. May work better.

Chances are you are looking at the new page, I did exactly the same yesterday, when you drag the index from your theme it is renamed to index-1.html while you are still viewing index.html

Just delete index.html then rename index-1.html to index.html

I may have been looking at the React version last night :sleepy:

I updated example.

You will want to add the class and attributes to the body tag as I do not think those will import.

Also this theme has a preloader which you will have to toggle off in the css so you can see and work on the design.

<body class="side-header" data-bs-spy="scroll" data-bs-target="#header-nav" data-bs-offset="1">

.preloader {
  position: fixed;
  width: 100%;
  height: 100%;
  /*z-index: 999999999 !important;*/    <<-------Uncheck this so you can see webpage otherwise it will cover it
  background-color: #fff;
  top: 0;
  left: 0;
  right: 0;
  bottom: 0;

Yup, I deleted the the index file and renamed the other one back to index and nothing… I’m sure that I’m making some dumb beginner mistake!


I added the classes/attributes to the body tag and commented out the z-index line in the preloader but still getting nothing but a blank page. Sorry for all the trouble. Clearly not tech at all.

I appreciate the effort to help.

I find the easiest thing to do while you are developing is to find the element (preloader in this case) in the Overview Tab, and then either right click and select hide, or press cntrl + /

This will then hide the preloader until you want the site to go live.

Can you publish your site using these instructions ?

Publishing a Website

You have 5 free sites in Bootstrap Studio.

We will all be able to see the code using the inspectors in our Browser and give you better advice.


pathetically published! :sleepy:

Just curious now did you happen to buy the React version rather than the Html version. There were two versions and the Html would have been the correct one.



The title

<title>Simone - Personal Portfolio React Template</title>

leads one to believe its the React and there is no html, css or js on the page. Empty

If viewing in your web browser, Right click and choose inspect to see the code of the page. or choose view source after right clicking in the web browser to see the source code.

You will need to import some html to start. Right click on Pages on the right side and import a page from the folder you got from the seller. Republish

Ok this is embarrassing… I knew it had to be some stupid on my part.

I’m assuming this would be the correct one to buy: Simone - Personal Portfolio Template by HarnishDesign | ThemeForest

Can’t thank you enough for the help and support!

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I made the same mistake when I looked at it too. When you go to import the html index.html page and others I assume, rename the index.html file that is the defaut in BSS to indexold.html. That way you will import the index.html from the folder and it will not be renamed on import due to being the same name.

You will have to import css files and js files also…