Bootstrap Studio Updates

Hi All,

Has anyone else had a problem with Bootstrap Studio with the installation of the program updates? My Bootstrap studio removes itself from my start menu and also removes the shortcut from my desktop when I close the program down when it notifies me that an update will be installed after restart.
I then have to remove the program and also remove program and common file folder for the program from my c:/ drive and then I have to reinstall the program. Sometimes it can take me up to 3 attempts to reinstall. This happens to me very regularly and it is becoming very frustrating.
Does anybody have any solutions to my problem?

The auto updater library that we use should handle this, but maybe it’s prevented from finishing the update. Can you check whether your antivirus system is blocking the app? You might need to white list Bootstrap Studio so that the auto updater can overwrite the program files.

Another potential problem is if you’ve installed the app as admin in the past, and now the autoupdater (which is running as your current user), doesn’t have permissions to overwrite the Bootstrap Studio executable with the new version.

Thanks martin,
I seem to have fixed the update issue but now I cannot seem to find the jumbotron component in the latest update of the program?

I believe the Jumbotron was removed from Bootstrap with the latest updates if I’m not mistaken. You can probably load up a premade site with Bootstrap 4 and get it and transfer it over to a Bootstrap 5 site if you convert it correctly.

What I tend to do if I need something that isn’t there in a newer version or is different now is load up a blank site, add the component(s) I want to use, save the site and convert it the higher Bootstrap version I’m going to use them on, and then reuse the components from there.