Bootstrap Studio User's?

Hey BSS User’s,

I ever answer me a question. How many users we are to use BSS Studio ?

When you buy Bootstrap Studio, you get a license key that can be used on up to three computers that you own. You can at any time deregister a computer and free up a slot for another, by choosing the “Delete License” option from the Help menu. You can also deregister a computer that you don’t have access to, by using the Help > Manage Devices dialog.

Can 3 people use one license?

No, every user should have their own license. You can read our license terms here for more information on this.

Interesting how two people can interpret a post in totally different ways. I took this question as the OP asking how many people actually use the Bootstrap Studio program - in total (I’m curious about that myself.) It’s probably the poor translation that created the ambiguity.

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