Bootstrap Studio with Composer

Hi Everyone, I am using Bootstrap Studio for front-end development and I am very happy with it. If I need back-end scripts I write code using custom code property of Bootstrap Studio, it goes very well as well. However, I want to use existing PHP libraries in Packagist with Composer (and with a simple framework if possible to make it easy) without re-inventing the wheels again and again! I don’t want to go "full" dynamic web page development (just for blog pages may be); static pages with database integration and with some php support. Use of Composer seems very logical to me but I can't decide how to proceed. Can anyone recommend me a PHP framework which supports MVC and Composer, or, should I try to use just the Composer and the Packagist libraries without any additional framework. Thanks in advance.

I have never used any framework to date. I only use PHP to create multi-lingual sites and to get data from a database where standard PHP is more than adequate for what I need.

I use BootstrapStudio to create my layout and templates. Then I export all to a set of maps on my HD and load everything in Dreamweaver where I start to rename all files to .php instead of .html. Then I create additional folders and move some of the assets Ie.g. images) to these new folders (!!All from within Dreamweaver!!). Then I take out common code (such as the menu and footer) and move them to new php files that I then include in every regular page of the site I'm developing. For the DB access I use the regular php included commands for MySQL.

Hi @BESLO Thank you for your kind answer. Perhaps you already know, you don't have to rename the exported .html files manually to .php; I am using a simple export script for this purpose like this: #!/bin/bash cd $1 mv index.html index.php I am trying to do something with Composer and Packagist, I let you know if I get some meaningful results.

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@ta1db, I'm working on Windows :-( and so can't use linux scripts but also I want to see to it that Dreamweaver is also automaticaly changing all references in all files accordingly when I change a filename.

In the custom component use

<?php  namespace /node/vendor/{component name} as component Class component(){ Public Function __create(Component $component){ $this->$new component.  // or $this->$component}

This will get you accesss to the component, but don't forget after saving the site, you may have to use and auto loader , for composer and app namespace

You can achieve the same thing with a Windows PowerShell script, rename the file, search and replace etc.