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Hello, I have purchased a e-commerce Bootstrap Theme on

I want to import this theme in Bootstrap Studio so that I can use the functionality of Reflow HQ like “Add To Cart, Proceed To Checkout, Input Shipping information, etc.”.

You think it is possible? If so, do you have a link for tutorial?

Thank you everyone. <3

It should possible as long as you’ve;

  1. Insert the reflow js
  2. Init the reflow by yourself (setup store id, etc)
  3. Implementing the reflow class to your html/template structure
  4. Understanding how to fetch json data and implement it in your html (with js for example)

I did simmilar in: CMS For BSS using Strapi for E-Commerce Site - #2 by raniaamina

hope it a bit help :")

How to import HTML pages?


You can import html pages, see image

This will only give you the html as custom code, whereas the html2bsdesign option gives you an editable file.

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How to convert? It seems like theres no way I can convert my HTML to BSS themes.

your html should be simple and perfectly done, without error or HTML approximations.

Then on the converter page : Convert your HTML to Bootstrap Studio Document (.bsdesign) choose the HTML file, then convert it (the generate button won’t appears if there’re errors on your html file).

A bootstrap theme is not html, rather css.

If you are converting an existing site using the html2bsdesign then you will need to add the images, javascript and css from the existing site to bss.

you can now just drag and drop pages from your purchased theme to Bootstrap Studio in the 6.3.1 version. Really powerful, just try it ! :wink:

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