Bootstrap tooltips

Hi I would like to add Bootstrap tooltips, I can’t find the tool in the BBS

Tooltips are not a element, more an add on that can be used on element (link, div, image etc)

To use add a data-bs-toggle of tooltip to the required element and data-bs-title for the wording of the tooltip:

You will also need a couple of js lines to activate it:

const tooltipTriggerList = document.querySelectorAll('[data-bs-toggle="tooltip"]')
const tooltipList = [...tooltipTriggerList].map(tooltipTriggerEl => new bootstrap.Tooltip(tooltipTriggerEl))

You can find out more on the boostrap site:

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The easiest way to add tooltips is in the options panel. like this

no need for you to write javascript


Thanks for the tips, helped me on this one…

It was in front of me and I didn’t see it