Bootstrap uninstalled itself

Hello i was working on my web design and needed to restart to move my files over to github and when i started it up bootstrap was gone from my computer.

I think it may have uninstalled itself.
I have looked everywhere around my PC, but it can’t be found.

I wonder if i could just re-install it.

EDIT: Is it possible that ive been coding so much that the program was tired of working? xD

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It’s it uninstalled itself on my machine too. I working on a project and the message came up saying that a new version would be installed the next time I exited Bootstrap Studio. After exiting and waiting a minute or so, I clicked on the shortcut and it said the shortcut was no longer valid. Under start, the message ‘Bootstrap Studio.exe’ that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved. \AppData\Local\Programs\bstudio is blank

Any suggestions? I’m using Windows 11 and Bootstrap Studio has a lifetime license.

And it’s back! I downloaded a fresh copy and it appears to be running perfectly.

The program works fine now, but I’m missing a bunch of files and most of my code are missing.
Guess I’ll start over after 7 days of work.

That’s too bad kriss0706. I’m not missing anything. I think the normal update process is simply an uninstall followed by a reinstall of the new version. This time, the reinstall didn’t happen.

Ask for some help before you start over! Can I ask what files your missing?


I use bootstrap for front end.
Additionally, i have a file called ajax.js where i handle all the jquery ajax calls. The file is not missing, but 500 lines of code is missing.
There’s also a file called save.php that handles database connections and other logic, file is still there but its also missing a bunch of code, around 400 lines of code.

I will most likely just stop using bootstrap studio and make my code from scratch.

I reported this to @martin a few days ago here

They have found the issue and will be resolved in next update…

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I had the same problem… WT*!

I had the same problem, everything was gone! Fortunately, I found an old installation file of BSS in my download folder. Once I reinstalled it, the update worked fine. It is a pity that the manufacturer has not responded or explained this malfunction. But yes, it’s the weekend now, so we’ll wait and see. I’m going to turn off the automatic update of BSS now…

I feel you pain. I’ve been programming since the early 80’s where code was saved on audio tape! Years later, I remember backing up my work on floppy disk where I copied from Drive C to Drive A. One day, after putting in a lot of work, I accidentally copied from Drive A to Drive C. I ended up with two copies of old code!

As for Bootstrap Studio, whenever I think I’ve moved forward, I save the project under another name. Right now, I’m using fruit names alphabetically. I started with Apple and now I’m up to Strawberry.

Do you have project backups that might have a newer version of ajax.js? Have you published your website on a server that might help you recover your 500 lines of code in the assets folder?

I’m surprised this issue that johntankard confirmed, would delete anything in your project folder. The update started when Bootstrap Studio was exited.

I started Web development using Microsoft FrontPage 4 and while I long for the features that frontpage extensions had to offer, Bootstrap Studio is at the very top of some of the best software I’ve ever used. I don’t know what I would replace it with. If you are well into the learning curve with this product, I would encourage you to stick with it.

I wish you best of success with your project!

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Sorry you guys lost that work, but if you look at the post 2 posts before yours @piromedia you will see that they “did” answer it, in the bug forum where this probably should have been posted. No offense meant, just saying, pays to put posts in the right location. Either way though they should have a fix for it soon according to @johntankard 's post. Thanks for that John.

In the mean time, if you didn’t turn off the backups that the app does, you may still have them on your machine. Might be worth looking for the location they were saved in and see if they are still there.

Pays to backup for sure. I basically just add a number at the end of my file name and increment it each time I do edits. I got in the habit of doing it as soon as I open the project to work on it. Makes double sure I don’t lose a lot of work. It’s a simple system, I know lol, but it works for me! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the nice comments, it is also great to know that I’m not the only one having this issue.

Unfortunately, i turned off backups as i didn’t think they were needed.

Hi, I just had the same issue. I’m unsure if I lost anything but I’m unable to understand why this happened so randomly. I’m currently reinstalling.

The issue with Bootstrap Studio disappearing from your computer after the update is due to a bug in the auto update mechanism on Windows. The auto update system is a third party open source component that has always worked until this moment, we didn’t expect to see issues with it. We fixed the bug after the first reports, so when you update to our upcoming release it will work correctly.

It’s worth noting that no work is lost, your bsdesign files still exist and are still on the same places on your hard drive where you saved them. The issue concerns only the Bootstrap Studio program files, so if you download and install Bootstrap Studio everything will be back to normal.