bootstrap v4.0 stable

It looks like the wait is over

now let's wait for the new, improved BSS

Thx. for the Info, but...

@first i was a bit confused, as Boostrap Studio is Vewrsion 4.0.4 since some Dec. 13, 2017.

Your post is about the source of bootstrap, which Bootstrap Studio is mainly based off, and i suppose your message is

to wait for a next brilliant Bootsstrap Studio including these new Features of the Bootstrap Source.


Bootstrap 4 Beta 3 - 28 Dec 2017

Bootstrap 4 - 18 Jan 2018

Now that there is a stable, non-beta version we hope to get an updated Bootstrap Studio release that includes the stable/non-beta version etc...


Thanks for starting this thread! Yes, we are working on Bootstrap 4 support. This will be released in our upcoming 4.1 update.

Thanks Martin good to hear :)