Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta1

Hello Folks

I am new here and currently making my first steps with Bootstrap Studio. I am very enthusiastic. I can well imagine that this tool will be my tool of choice in the future.

However, I already have one question. When I open a new design I can choose between Bootstrap 4.5 and Bootstrap 3.4. But Bootstrap version V5 (beta) is out now. Is there a way to use Bootstrap V5 already in the studio? If not, can you tell me when this is planned?

Thank you and greetings from Switzerland

Just search/read through the Forum categories some more. There has been a great deal of discussion about Bootstrap 5. The developers of Bootstrap Studio are right now working very hard on the next release of Bootstrap Studio, which will support Bootstrap 5. They have not announced an exact date, but it will be soon. I would suspect this coming month (February.)

Thanks for the answer. So then I eagerly await the next update and until then remain enthusiastic about this great tool for me.