Bootstrap version per project

I know, it sounds stupid, but I have so many projects in both 3 and 4 and the only way I can find out what version I'm working with on a project (mostly those that I don't do a lot of updates on and forget lol) is to go into the Online Components list and see if it gives me the error message showing I can't use the BS4 components with BS3 .... etc.

So ... if it can detect it there, would it be possible at all for the app to show the project's bootstrap version on some bar (next to page name, open prroject tab, etc.) just anywhere visible when a project is opened? Preferably in a static place that always shows it?

Thanks for any consideration you can give this, because I'm pretty sure that eventually we'll be going to BS5 in the future and this is going to get really confusing! lol.

P.S. Hopefully you won't be removing support and features for the BS3 version when 5 comes out? I have quite a few clients on 3 yet that don't want to update (may never do so) and I don't really want to use my own time for it unless I get to the point where I need something to do which isn't now for sure!

Preview the site in your browser, view the source code and click the link to the bootstrap.min.css file. The Bootstrap version is listed at the top.

I think we can make a simple change that may help. At the moment with a design open the application title is "Design Name - Bootstrap Studio". We can turn it to "Design Name - Bootstrap 4".

That would be awesome Martin thanks!

@Printninja, the purpose is to be able to see without having to jump through a bunch of hoops to do it :P

We can turn it to “Design Name – Bootstrap 4”.

hopefully “Design Name – Bootstrap 5” could be added too.

it's in alpha, with lots of new, interesting features. And I'm already studying it. When will it be supported?

Happy to report this will be part of the upcoming release!

@marrco we will wait for the beta versions of Bootstrap 5 to come out before integrating it. There are too many breaking changes from one alpha to the next.

Awesome on both the versioning and the bs version coming out soon! Thanks as always Martin!

If you click on settings there you can see which bootstrap and jquery version you are working on. Or save your project with a prefix for example BS3-myProject, BS4-myNewProject... Then you will see it already before you open a project

@marrco we will wait for the beta versions of Bootstrap 5 to come out before integrating it. There are too many breaking changes from one alpha to the next.


and I still think that good development has to be financed. So I consider multimonitor support as part of my lifetime subscription. But a new version with Bootstrap 5 support for me can be a new paid major upgrade.

And I'd love to pay an additional fee to have a new BSS version supporting bootstrap 5 if that means to have a faster release cycle and more devs working on this software. BSS helps me create websites that I sell faster, so if bootstrap 5 support is a paid option count me in. BSS upgrades are important for my job.


I agree. I would certainly pay more for this software to be developed faster.