Breaking point in the tooltips

Hello. Bootstrap experts will probably not need this suggestion.
But it seems easy to integrate and can help beginners.

Add the breakpoint in the tooltips.
Example: XL >= 1200px


This feature already exists. Just hover your mouse over the icon. It takes about a half second to appear.



Example: XL >= 1200px :wink:

Well except for your addition of the the >= (which seems superfluous to me) the resolution is already displayed when you change the screen size. I wouldn’t mind if the font was a little larger, though.

Maybe something like this would be better.

I’d really like to see a larger font for this info, too. On my 24" 1920x1080 monitor, it’s about 7 pixels in height, which is about the limit of being legible.



I agree with your proposal, which intelligently groups:

  • The buttons.
  • Information.
  • The selection of various devices.