breaks don't render. :( HTML codes don't render. :(

can't believe this doesn't have a simpe <br> in the library. had to make custom code to add it... even so, it doesn't render in the preview, either in-app or in-browser. which is supremely irritating because everything is getting smashed up together.

also special codes aren't rendering out, even when exported! for some reason, &quot; or &trade; (for example) come out as-typed, not as " or ™. if i delete it and retype it in another IDE, it renders fine. O_o

what the heck is going on here???

Sorry that you've run into problems.

Line breaks <br> are created automatically when you Shift + Enter inside an element with text editing. Custom Code is cleaned up before displayed in the app itself to prevent breakage of your design. It is displayed without modification in the Preview and when Exporting. Hope this helps!

Breaks do render, and codes like what you quoted also render in the Preview and in app. They also show correctly as typed in the code, and if you check the HTML pane you will see your custom code there which is fully highlightable when you're trying to track down a CSS entry for them and so on. Not sure what is wrong on your end, but I can verify that they do work as they should. When you export, what you see in the code is the typed items you entered as they should be and when viewed in browsers they will work as they should as well.

Double check your use of them as well as what version of the software you are on.

Having said that, I totally agree that a <br> should be included in the HTML codes available for drag and drop and not having to put them in with Custom Code. Same for &nbsp; and &copy; and would rather see a way to input these as well as all the other HTML Symbol codes similar to the Icon setup.