Browser Preview Stops Updating

So since the new 5.6.0 version I’ve been watching to see if I could find any rhyme or reason to it, but it’s so random I cannot.

The browser preview window just stops updating. I have to open a new one and then it works again for a while then stops updating again. Can be 10 minutes, can be an hour or 2. Doesn’t seem to care what project I’m in, happens in any of them. Not sure what else to tell you on it.

MacOS Big Sur
Mac Mini with M1 Chip

Let me know if there’s anything else you need from me on it.


Just wanted to add that the page looks like it reloads in the browser, does the reload effect, but the page does not update when this issue happens. I end up opening a new preview page and going until that one stops updating.

how long before it stops working for you Jo? and what browser?

I am on latest MacOS and don’t have any issues, preview is working straight away for me?

Same thing happens to me occasionally on my Windows 7x64 installation. It’s been happening for some time now. At least since the debut of BSS 5.x (if not one of the later 4.x updates.) The preview window will sometimes just go “dead”, so I’ve just been closing it, and opening a new one.

I never really thought to bring it up as a bug because I wasn’t sure if it was my 9 year old computer/O.S. being finicky, or BSS. Plus, it’s easy enough to just click the preview button.

But now that I see I’m not the only one it’s happening to, I guess it’s worth reporting.

It did happen to me aswell like few times. It didn’t happen too often, but it did and i had no idea why tho. Im using older version of BBS cause im waiting till all bugs will be fixed in new one and it will be stable enough, but i have noticed the bug with updating the preview aswell. Kinda did annoy, but happens lol

Yes to be honest it’s been happening a very long time now, but … now it’s like almost all the time. I usually get it to refresh a few times on it’s own and then it quits every time. I will try to pay attention to a few details as:

  1. Does it happen if I don’t move focus away from the BSS app?
  2. Does it happen if I don’t let the focus sit away from the app for long periods of time? For example, checking emails, browsing sites, etc. Things that take a while to do and that always take focus from the app.
  3. Does it happen if I move focus briefly one or many times?

I haven’t focused in on any of that, and if anyone else has any other things I should/could check on this please let me know and I will focus some of this this coming week.

@dickykreedz to be totally honest and fair here, I would have to say this is the most stable app I’ve ever used regardless of when an update happens. In other words, it hardly ever releases an update that breaks things that people cannot use it at all, or corrupts files, or messes up people’s websites etc.

My practice is that I backup my projects folder that contains all my project files in it and then I update. I’ve never had to go back to those updates yet in over 4 years. Suffice it to say, the benefits far outway any issues that happen with new update releases. :slight_smile:

Any acknowledgement from the devs on this @jo-r ?


Nothing so far, and checking the list I had in my last post nothing there seems to make any difference either. Just pretty random and often is about all I can add on it.