BS4 - Difference in CDN Bootstrap.js and local version [fixed in 4.0.2]

I saw in the release thread of BS4 that popper.js is not included.

My testing came up with finding that the localized version of Bootstrap.js v4 is the bundled version that includes popper.js functionality when you export. However, when you switch to use CDN in the settings, the version of Bootstrap.js that is used is not the bundled version so it does not contain the necessary popper.js functionality for things like modals, dropdowns etc...

So I would think the CDN version used during exporting should either be the bundled version or also include the popper.js in the proper JS order.


Thanks for reporting this! We will fix this in the upcoming 4.0.2 next week.

Martin, When exporting the site that uses the fonts, such as material-icons.min.cs, the css files of the fonts are not exported to the folder. Example

Can you help?

We fixed the issues with the incorrect bootstrap bundle js file and the missing icons in 4.0.2 that was just released.

Thanks Martin.