BS4 full high row setting how to ?

Hi, I try to center a column vertcal and horizontal in the browser window - with nativ bootstrap 4. I can center the column, but I can't set the row or a container to full height of the window. The container or row should change it's size if the browser window is changed, so that the content of the column is always in the center. How can i set a row or container to full size?

Thanks Ralle

I know that the html code must look like this:

<div class="container-fluid h-100"></div>

The class is already defined in bootstrap 4, added it with the attribute - class names, but it didn't work?

greetings ralle

Solved, every parent must be set to h-100, html and body too - I ddn't expected this..

greetings ralle

Apparently, that's the way height: 100% works. I suppose you could have actually used height: 100vh. However, you must account for margin spacing though, which you can do with calc() if you wanted. Seems padding wouldn't effect it because default box-sizing: border-box.