BSS Comments as real comments within html code

I´m working as a Designer together with another person who develops the website until it has all the functionality to be relaeased.

I´ve set up a ton of comments within BSS, but my developer cannot see them.

It would be great to have them right in the html code as a html comment.

So he could read it when developing.

thx in advance


That’s an interesting idea. Maybe there could be a checkbox to select whether the comment is added to the HTML, or just exists within the workspace.

Is your developer using BSS also? If so, sharing should be as easy as giving them a copy of the BSS project file? If not, maybe they could purchase a copy of BSS so you can do this? Just an idea :slight_smile:

I too would love the possibility to put comments into my HTML that stay there. There is also the ability to use the Labels of components to add comments in. There’s a setting somewhere in the project settings to allow this. I use the labels to help me navigate my project so I know what’s where, so adding comments in via the labels won’t work for me.

For some reason though, I had thought this was already addressed, but maybe not?

In the misc section in the component panel there is a component called Comment. You can place comments anywhere in your html code with that component

And they export with the code right?

It’s like any other component. You can right click the Comment component and choose hide then it will not be exported, otherwise it will be there when export, preview or publish

Jap, that works, thx,
but “converting” the BSS Comments into “real” HTML Comments would be a very nice feature, which would not be too crazy I guess.

When right click a component in the overview panel and selecting add comment, it’s for use in bss internally only.
You can read more about it here

The Comment component is already a custom code block, it’s pointless to convert a Comment component to custom code

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I misread his post. I thought he wrote “Component” and not “Comment.” Duh on me :woozy_face: (Too many late nights at the keyboard and not enough sleep.)