BSS examples more needed

It would be good to see members more actively sharing the Sites they’ve built using Bootstrap Studio,.

While I’ve seen quite a few, like the BSS designs like the library they aren’t the direction I want, that’s not a criticism. BSS can do exactly what I want, a slight learning curve, but I feel that what’s shown is actually not positive enough.

This is a brilliant platform under selling itself.


Deleted by me…

Nice site Floyd, well done :slight_smile:

They added a new forum for us called “Showcase” where we can share our sites and feedbacks. It’s fairly new so it hasn’t been used much. I’ll see about getting a couple sites in there later today. :slight_smile:

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Never noticed that. Cheers :smiley_cat:

As soon as I get a free evening, I’ll post my portfolio.

I missed that as well, I don’t find the Forum software as intuitive as some, must remember to check the Categories.

This is what I meant though, I’ll post a link to my main website when it’s at least partially rewritten, I made the mistake of not going responsive when I redesigned the front end around 4 or 5 years ago.

If the site(s) existed before a screen shot of the old website would be interesting as well.


You actually don’t have to “remember” to check the categories. From the forum home page, select the forum categories one at a time and then click the little bell icon just to the right of the button that says, “+ New Topic”. There you can set the options as to how you want to follow the category, receive notifications, etc.

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