BSS slows down a LOT when deleting elements from the Overview panel

Is anyone else having this issue? Dragging/dropping or deleting elements makes BSS run extremely slow, and said slowdown can be easily noticed since the overview panel freezes for a while before updating the HTML elements in the page.

I’m on Mac version and I’ve been suspicious about some real slow down problems that I’ve had to close the app and reopen it with. The only thing I can say for sure is that every time it happens, BSS is in use, but I haven’t reported it because I have not really been sure if BSS was causing it or if something else was causing it and BSS was slowing down because of it.

Figured I’d add that in here in case there is something that needs looking into. This has only been with maybe the last 2 builds that this has been going on, prior to that I didn’t have these issues. Just couldn’t narrow down anything causing it.

MacOS Big Sur

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Tbh, that’s exactly my case; I’m currently running BSS in windows 10 and it’s the first time that I’ve seen it slow down. This presented itself in the last update or so for me though.

Sorry to hear you’ve run into problems! Does this happen after prolonged use? Do you have any pointers on how we could reproduce the slow downs?

I sure wish I had some way to know, it’s happened with a rebooted computer within 20 minutes or it may be 3 hours later, there’s no regularity to it, but I can say it does seem to happen sooner more often than later.

I work on a lot of different sites and they vary in Bootstrap version and it’s happened in any of them so I cannot narrow down a specific BS version and it’s not a specific project doing it.

Wish I could be more help here, but if you have anything you need me to look for or do let me know and I’ll do what I can to help narrow it down.

I notice this instantly, even if I’ve just rebooted my PC. The common case, however, seems to lie in the amount of elements that exist in the page (or in the BSS file); I ran tests a couple of minutes ago, and a page with around 50 different HTML elements (ie. divs, paragraphs, inputs, etc…) starts lagging quite a bit as soon as I start dragging new stuff or moving things around.