BSS website folder and workflow

Hi, I'm trying to understand the workflow and finding it confusing. I created a BSS document and exported the folder. What I would like to do is have my image editor automatically export images into the img folder and have BSS update. Is that possible or do I have to export my images.... drag them into BSS..... so it updates? Hope that makes sense...... thanks!

Images should be edited "before" putting them into the pages and should be imported into BSS after editing them in order to use them easier. BSS will manage your images in it's own setup inside the Assets folder. You can create folders in the Images folder within the App so you can organize them how you need them.

You cannot auto import anything within any folders inside BSS, you'll need to do this manually by either creating a directory and mass importing the images to that directory, or importing the images and moving them into directories if needed.

BSS will give you the option to overwrite if needed as well, so if you're replacing an image it will pop that window up to ask you if that's what you want to do.

Now ... to work around this so you don't have to constantly export and replace the assets folder each time you do an image update what you can do is:

  1. Edit your images
  2. Import them into BSS
  3. Add and Upload them to your local "assets" directory and upload them directly.

This way your current live pages are up to date, and when you update your site next time the images are already set to go.

Thanks Jo.... I was really hoping I didn't have to keep importing updated assets. Programs like Affinity Designer and Photoshop have options to continuously export assets so I'm looking for something that recognizes an update and reflects that in the program. That one feature alone would save me a ton of time.

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Because BSS saves the entire website project as a single compressed file, resources must be imported into to program. Pinegrow can do what you want, because it saves projects as ordinary files in whatever folder structure you create.