BSS Works great on MacOS Ventura!

Just thought I’d let people know that I just updated my MacOS from Monterey to Ventura (ya I know, I’m a late bloomer, “never trust it till the next one is about to come out” is my motto lol).

Not only did the upgrade happen flawlessly, but so far I’ve had no issues at all, have had a few apps do updates to accomodate them to the new OS, but that’s it. So for those out there thinking about it here’s the list of apps that I know for sure work for Web Design:

Bootstrap Studio
Visual Studio Code
Klokki Slim
Snippets Lab

and I’m sure there are many others, but those are the ones I’ve either worked with or just tried them to make sure they work. Enjoy and hopefully this will help others update sooner than I did in the future lol.

P.S. We got burned pretty bad with the change from 32bit to 64 bit with no exceptions deal, hence why I waited so long. This is a welcome change now that all of that is behind us, I’ll probably update sooner with the next one that is due out in the Fall sometime. …

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