Bug (5.6.4) with Preview

Hello everyone,

I think I found a bug there, but I’m not sure. Maybe someone can help me or knows a solution for it.


Project started with BS version 4.6 (BSS version 5.6.2) everything works as I want it to.

In the meantime there was the update 5.6.3 and 5.6.4

Now I had to make changes, and I noticed that the preview did not work properly, scroll effects, gallery etc.

In the settings it is still set to BS version 4.6 and JQuery 3.6.0. When I export the project everything works …

Is that a mistake from the “preview-tool” or what can I do?
I can downgrade to 5.6.2 but unfortunately I can’t open my project anymore…

I’m thankful for tips